Murphy's Historical Hotel

Investigators for this investigation with History and the Paranormal

Renee Martine- Lead investigator, Cat- videographer and investigator, Judy Raderchak Historical research specialist and investigators, Dan Perez- Audio and Investigator and Mr. Paul- Audio specialist


First called the Sperry and Perry Hotel, it was opened by James L. Sperry and John Perry on August 20, 1856. Renamed the Mitchler Hotel in 1882, and the Murphys Hotel in 1945 by the McKimins family, it is now owned by long-time Calaveras County resident Dorian Faught, only the sixth owner in the hotel's history.
The new Sperry and Perry Hotel was considered one of the finest hotels outside of San Francisco.

By Renee Martine


Renee Martine and I arrived at the Murphy’s Hotel at 7 pm. We went inside the hotel to check into our room. The most haunted room in the hotel Room #9. As we checked in we talked with Deanna at the front desk. She was glad that this was the second paranormal investigation team to investigate there notoriously haunted hotel. She was very friendly and informed us of some activity that has been going on in the Hotel. She gave us a stack of logs books with all of the guest comments in it and took us upstairs for a tour. She showed us room #9 which was a bit small for 2 grown women to share one bed, so Renee decided to change the Room to #15. I happy accepted. Renee and I would be the only ones sleeping in the entire Historical Hotel over night!
On the Tour Deanna tells Renee and I of Eleanor, a house keeper who lived at the Hotel with her husband. Eleanor and her husband came from out west to look for gold during the gold rush. She worked in the hotel and her husband went off to look for gold. Eleanor’s husband never came back and no one knows exactly what happened to him. She continued to care for the hotel and its guests until there was a horrible fire in the late 1800’s. Eleanor perished in the fire and the hotel had to be rebuilt. According to what Deanna had told us there are archives in the Calaveras County Historical Society Museum where the information was found after several guests had complained of a women presence in the hotel. Deanna says she believes that during April is when Eleanor’s husband had either left and never returned or passed away and Eleanor still is waiting for his return. She believes that her spirit is still taking care of the guests in the hotel.
Deanna goes on to tell us about her 28 years of working in the hotel. In room # 10 the door sometimes unlocks and opened on its own and chairs move on their own in some of the rooms. In the Presidential Sweet a female apparition has been seen looking into the room. In room # 9 a female guest was freaked out about the mirror so she takes the mirror down and puts it on the floor facing the wall. When she wakes in the morning the mirror is back on the wall. Sometimes when the house keepers clean the rooms they go back in to check them before guests arrive and there will be butt prints on the bed and things moved around the room. In room # 16 by the restrooms the bed sometimes vibrates and there is a feeling of male presence. Guests have also complained that they hear a man talking outside the room. Sometimes when guest are in there room or in the bathroom the door handles will jiggle. In room 14 (across from our room) many people feel a presence of a woman nursing children room or children playing in the room.
Night watchman Ed tells us a few stories-
He believes that Eleanor massaged his shoulders when he first starting working at the hotel 7 years ago. He was freaked out and didn’t know that the hotel was haunted till later that year. He thinks that it was her way of telling him it would be okay for him to stay. Ed would be working late at night alone in the hotel, he sometimes would hear people walking upstairs, he would go to check and no one would be there. One night 200 butter knives disappeared from the kitchen and no one knew were they had gone, they reappeared a few days later, exactly where they had gone missing. (In the hall by the Presidential sweet) there is a story of a women and her husband who stayed in room 10; the wife goes out to use the restroom and leaves the door of room 10 cracked open for her husband, who was waiting for her to come to bed. On her way back from the restroom she is stopped by a woman in what she thought was a costume, the woman in the costumes talks with the wife for almost 30 minutes. The woman in the costume tells her detailed information about the hotel. When the wife gets back to her room she apologizes to her husband for being gone so long and that she had talked to a very nice woman down the hall. The husband then says to his wife she was only gone 2 minutes and that he did not hear her talking to anyone. Another story he told was of a female guest comes out of the restroom down stairs and sees a woman in red costume like dress who tells the guest to keep an open mind. The female guest's husband is waiting in the bar, facing the door of the bathroom and asks his wife who she is talking to. In the Presidential Sweet a guest saw a female apparition looking into the room. Guests have complained hear that the oldest piano in California that is inside the room will play out of tune, yet no one is in the room. There have also been sounds of the piano playing in the Ball room late at night as well.


Renee and I ate dinner, both of us getting there fabulous Fettuccini Alfredo and Sierra Nevada Beverage. After dinner we settled in our room. While waiting for Dan, Paul and Cat to arrive, we went through the stack of log books.
These are some of the notes from the guest that had signed and dated the log books
2004-A guest writes, "I smelled smoke in room and went out to check if there was a fire, but there was none." 2006- Guests in Room 9 ask to change rooms at 2 am in the morning, freaked out from room, wife claim that a woman in the room would not stop singing to them.
2008- Room 11 Guest hear what sounds like an electrical hair dryer and door opens by itself.
2010- Guest write that she heard from stories that there are 3 male ghosts in the hotel 2 men are prospectors still looking for gold that may be behind the hotel. One other male died from a car accident down the road and visits from time to time.
2010- Room 11 Guest hears rattling of the amour inside the room no explanation.
2010- Room 9 the lights turn of then on by themselves.
2012- Room 11 Man wakes up to someone crying and thinks it’s his wife but his wife is sound asleep.

During our investigation in Room 11 we not only got K2 hits but we also received flashlight communication. Renee noticed that the dresser had move off kilter, so she tried to move it herself and the dresser would not move.
In room 9 Renee saw a black orb exit the room and turn right then come back into the room. When asking questions I began to feel numb on the left side of my body and asked if the person had a stroke. On the audio Dan and Paul heard a tap on the microphone and a sigh. They also heard was sounded like someone moaning in pain. Renee, Cat and I were silent. In the Presidential sweet we did not get anything. While in the restrooms Renee had heard what sounded like a bunch of footsteps outside the door and a male talking. In one of the bathrooms it looked as if someone was wiping up some water off the floor. I had been in the bathroom previously and did not notice it being dirty. While investigating Room 16 by the restrooms Dan felt a male presence and did get some flashlight communication. When leaving the recorder in Room 9 with the door closed we heard loud bangs and what sounded like furniture moving around the room. In room 19 Dan got the impression of male who wanted to communicate. He laid his flashlight on the dresser and the flashlight flew off the dresser. Perhaps it was captured on film. More analysis will determine what other activity had occurred.
From all the claims over the years I would say that with more documentation and evidence we will soon be able to prove that this hotel is in fact haunted. I encourage other investigators and enthusiasts to go to this hotel and see for themselves what they can get. I think this was a wonderful exciting investigation and was very glad to be a part of it. Thank you to all of the hard workers who work at the hotel and making it possible for us to have an investigation at such a wonderful place. More video and audio evidence to come!!!!!!

Dan Perez- Manager, Paul- Audio specialist, Renee Martine- Lead investigator, Cat-investigator, Judy Raderchak - Historical specialist and investigators


First called the Sperry and Perry Hotel, it was opened by James L. Sperry and John Perry on August 20, 1856. Renamed the Mitchler Hotel in 1882, and the Murphys Hotel in 1945 by the McKimins family, it is now owned by long-time Calaveras County resident Dorian Faught, only the sixth owner in the hotel's history.
The new Sperry and Perry Hotel was considered one of the finest hotels outside of San Francisco, and was host to many famous people over the years. Copies of the original register show such signatures as Mark Twain, John Jacob Astor, Ulysses S. Grant, John Bidwell, Charles Bolles (alias Black Bart), Henry Ward Beecher, Horatio Alger, J.P. Morgan and Thomas Lipton.


The ghost of a former bookkeeper is said to wander the halls of the Murphy’s Historic Hotel second floor. Visitors of the hotel report feeling a strong sense of uneasiness as if they are being watched.

Additionally, after speaking with the Hotel Manager today, there is a lady by the name of Eleanor that resides and haunts the hotel. Not sure if she is the bookkeeper, but waiting to hear back from innkeeper by the name of Ed, who has been with the hotel for many years, and has lots of ghost stories to tell.

The top floors, specifically rooms and Banquet area are notorious for activity as well. The bar has some activity, and if we can make this Tuesday evening work, the bar shuts down at 11P, so we will have most of the hotel to ourselves, with exception of hotel guests.

I've been to this hotel and it defiantly has history and authenticity of historical residual energy, you can feel it when you walk through the door, as does the whole town, on the Main Street.


Known activity is more in the 'original' parts of the hotel. The rooms on this side are vacant as of today.

Ed, the night manager, has been with the hotel for a long time. He will be available to use throughout the night to open any room.

ALSO—the double room RM#15 (Webster) is very active, as well as RM#12 (US Grant), and RM#9 (Lipton) has A LOT of activity, specifically children spirits that like to play with customers in the middle of the night in RM#9. 

My father in Laws good friend Dennis San Felipo owns the Nugget Bar which is located not too far from the Hotel. He is not only a music producer but also owns many of the properties in the town. A Cabin of his was offered to us to stay for the evening this too may also be haunted.